Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nature Connections-November

windy November days to fly kites(and bags)...they decided to tie them to the tree and watch from a blanket.(and our dog Lucy thought she would join them)  I think they spent half the day playing with their kites.  They were full of laughter and observation..noting the changes of the wind and feeling the cool breeze on their faces.

a time to rest and draw...

the kids like to play in the barn a lot in the fall.  it's filled with rolls of hay and makes a great climbing course.  Our cat is always up for a game of hide and seek...
I looked out the kitchen window and saw him with our spring bottle calf, Sara....I looked later and saw him laying down beside her while she napped in the sunshine...I think they enjoyed one another's company.
a day in the woods, scouting for deer...we found several tree rubs(where the bucks rub their antlers) and a few scrapes(an area on the ground scraped clean by the buck, to mark his territory)